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O Que Arde

Amador Coro has been condemned for having provoked a fire. When he gets out of prison, nobody is waiting for him. He returns to his home town, a small village hidden in the mountains of rural Galicia, to live with his mother, Benedicta, and their three cows. Life goes by slowly, following the rhythm of nature. Until one night when a fire starts to devastate the region. From the second sequence of the film, we know that the main character has been charged with arson. Was he guilty? Has he made peace with the world, with nature? Is he a hopeless repeat offender? And what if he was innocent? We may ask ourselves those questions throughout the film. But once we get to share the daily life of Amador, his mother Benedicta and their animals, once we face with them the harsh weather conditions as they put the herd to pasture up hill and down dale, when we hear the stove purr or the rain patter continuously above their heads, we share the private lives of these people. We even end up liking Amador. As empathy sets in, questions dissolve. We can feel Amador’s maladjustment, his suppressed pain, his spiritual scar. “If they make suffer, it’s because they are suffering,” Benedicta says.

O Que Arde
Title in English
Fire Will Come
Entry Category
Single Drama (over 30 mins)
Produced By
Televisión de Galicia and Miramemira
Andrea Vázquez, Xavi Font, Andrea Queralt, Mani Mortazavi
Directed By
Oliver Laxe
Production Partners
4 A 4 Productions Tarantula, Kowalski Films
Oliver Laxe & Santiago Fillol  
Cinema Release