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Staing BCCI- 'S Iomadh rud buidhe 's chan e an t-òr

What does Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Abu Nidal , Pablo Escobar and Western Isles Council all have in common? They all lost millions when the Bank of Credit and Commerce International collapsed 30 years ago this summer. The BBC Naidheachdan team look back on the time Western Isles Council lost half their annual budget in a matter of minutes and were thrust into the center of an international banking scandal. With the use of the Radio nan Gaidheal archive as well as speaking to people involved at the time we bring the story alive in an innovative and accessible way.

Staing BCCI- 'S Iomadh rud buidhe 's chan e an t-òr
Title in English
BCCI Crisis - All that glitters is not gold
Entry Category
Radio Documentary
Produced By
BBC Naidheachdan
Donald Lamont
Directed By
Donald Lamont
BBC Sounds