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Inspired by the life of Adam Kashmiry, Adam tells the remarkable story of a young trans man and his struggle across genders and borders to be himself. Adam Kashmiry performs, as himself. Born into a deeply conservative society, Adam was assigned female at birth but always knew he was a boy. Trapped with no way to describe this feeling, in a place where falling in love with the wrong person can get you killed, he knew he had to escape. Written by Frances Poet, directed by Cora Bissett and Louise Lockwood, this hour-long screen drama is reworked from an original stage drama.

Title in English
Entry Category
Single Drama (over 30 mins)
Produced By
National Theatre of Scotland and Hopscotch Films
Carolynne Sinclair Kidd
Directed By
Cora Bissett and Louise Lockwood
Production Partners
commissioned by BBC Scotland and BBC Arts
Frances Poet
BBC Scotland and then BBC4