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A Swallow's Tale

“And that was called home because home was where the people were” The film A Swallow’s Tale captures the spirit and shared connection between Ireland and Africa. With strong traditions of storytelling, music, dance and tales of mythological deities and fantastical creatures, there is a vibrancy and expressiveness to both cultures that is unparallelled. Just as the swallows go and come and come and go from Africa to Ireland bringing birdsong and magic, when we invite the rhythm of our Atlantean neighbours into our hearts, we have the opportunity to create new stories and dance to new songs. Find out more: The Storytellers | The Griot and the Seanchaí The Griot Zeenie Summers The Seanchaí Aindrias De Staic

A Swallow's Tale
Entry Category
Short Form
Produced By
Vanessa Lawrenson
Directed By
Luke Daly, Nathan Fagan
Production Partners
Luna, Folding Waves, The Mill
Jane Lawrenson, Zeenie Summers, Aindrias De Staic
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