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Celtic Media Festival

Celtic Media Festival 2020 - Update

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we were so disappointed to have to cancel the Celtic Media Festival conference for 2020. The Torc Awards for Excellence are an integral part of CMF and our juries have been watching and listening to the incredible nominees over the past few weeks, and we’re really excited to announce the winners.

We’re doing things differently this year. We’ll be hosting an awards ceremony on Facebook Live at 8.05pm on Thursday 11th of June and we hope you can join us to see who’s awarded our coveted Torc Awards for Excellence. So put on your fanciest PJs, crack open a bottle of wine, a lovely cup of tea or your tipple of choice and we’ll see you there!

The CMF Team x 

The Celtic Media Festival is supported by broadcast, film, cultural and economic development organisations throughout the Celtic countries. The Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Galicia, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man.

Gouel ar Mediaoù keltiek a zo sikouret gant aozadurioù oberiant war ar skignañ, ar filmañ, ar sevenadur hag an diorren ekonomikel en holl broioù keltiek. Dalc’het e vez ar gouel-mañ bep bloaz e-pad tri devezh evit enoriñ ar gwellañ oberennoù filmet ha skignet e Skos, Iwerzhon, Enez-Vanav, Kembre, Kerne-Veur, Breizh ha Galiza.

Le Festival des Médias celtiques est soutenu par les structures qui œuvrent dans les domaines du film, de la diffusion, de la Culture et du développement culturel dans les pays celtiques. Pendant trois jours, chaque année, le festival célèbre le meilleur de la production audiovisuelle de l’Ecosse, l’Irlande, l’île de Man, le pays de Galles, la Cornouailles, la Bretagne et la Galice.

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