Celtic Media Festival

The Celtic Media Festival is supported by broadcast, film, cultural and economic development organisations throughout the Celtic countries. The Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Learn more

Ta Feailley ny Meanyn Celtiagh geddyn cooney voish caghlaa dy heshaghtyn feiy ny çheeraghyn Celtiagh ta co-chianlt rish creeley, jannoo filmyn, cultoor as lhiasaghey tarmaynagh. Ta'n Feailley goll er cummal dagh blein rish tree laa dy voylley schlei as erbaghtallys ayns creeley as filmyn voish Nalbin, Nerin, Mannin, Bretin, Y Chorn as Y Vritaan.