St. Ives 1997

Winners - St. Ives 1997

Spirit of the Festival (Joint Winner)
C. U. Burn
(Lios Na Sí)

Spirit of the Festival (Joint Winner)
Splat dhe Wertha
(Plot for Sale) (Wild West Films)

First Time Director
Dance Lexie Dance (Raw Nerve Productions for Northern Lights)

Jury Award 
The Boy From Mercury (Mercurian, Jo Manuel, Blue Rose)

Short Drama
Valley Girls (Stray Dog)

Feature Length Drama
Yn Gymysg Oll I Gyd (All Mixed Up) (HTV For S4C)

Drama Series
The Crow Road: Kenneth (Union Pictures Production For BBC Scotland)

Court Circuit (Short Circuit) (Lazannec Bretagne)

Walking Towards the Light (Wild and Fresh for BBC Wales)

Barabbas (Temple Films)

Young People
Mise (Me) (Media Nan Eilean Television)

Current Affairs
Taro Naw: Paedophilia (BBC Wales)