Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

Aberystwyth, Wales 2000

Winners - Aberystwyth, Wales 2000

Spirit of The Festival

31:12:99 (Bracan for S4C)


Gogd Gowana (Aaargh Animations for S4C)

Current Affairs
A Place of Safety (BBC Wales)

A Year 'Till Sunday (Power Pictures)

Coming Soon (Pirate Productions for Channel 4)

History File: Poverty (BBC Wales)

Feature Drama
A Love Divided (Parallel Films Productions)

Short Drama
Home (For Channel 4 and Scottish Screen)

Drama Series
Tair Chwaer (Gaucho for S4C)

Young People

Marl (Teledu Apollo for S4C)

Radio News
Marlread Nic Seaghain (Radio na Gaeltachta)

Celtic Radio
The Captain'd Collection (BBC Radio Scotland)

Radio Documentary
Sulasgeir (BBC Radio nan Gaidheal)

First Time Director
Frog (Steven Morrison)

Jury Award
Michael Hartnett, A Necklace of Wrens (Power Pictures)