Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

GaelGÁIRÍ ar an Raidió

The first event of its type to ever be held, GaelGÁIRÍ is a groundbreaking comedy night that unites an unlikely assortment of comedians, both amateur and professional; all committed to injecting a bit of humour back into the Irish language. Including a wry accountant and a deadpan doctor; GaelGÁIRÍ’s appeal lies in this diversity. Recorded over a number of nights; ‘GaelGÁIRÍ ar an Raidió’ brings the laughs to the listener, while giving a candid insight into the comedians themselves, as they explain the inspiration behind their sets and the extra challenge of performing stand-up in a minority language.

Dungarvan 2016
GaelGÁIRÍ ar an Raidió
Title in English
GaelGÁIRÍ on the Radio
Entry Category
Radio Comedy
Produced By
Cian Mac Cárthaigh
Cian Mac Cárthaigh
Directed By
Raidió na Life