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RTÉjr Radio

RTÉjr Radio is a unique radio service designed specifically for children under seven and their co-listeners. Airing daily from 7am-7pm, year-round, it’s complemented by further content on TV, mobile and online platforms. It offers children from the very youngest ages a diverse schedule that involves and engages them in all aspects of popular culture, media and new technologies and its programming is designed to help youngsters learn more about their immediate environment and the wider world. It empowers children by helping them develop a wide range of skills and understandings - language, communication, social, cultural, science – and it’s 100% safe.

Dungarvan 2016
RTÉjr Radio
Title in English
Entry Category
Radio Station of the Year
Produced By
RTÉ Radio
Martina McGlynn and Sheila de Courcy
Directed By
Martina McGlynn