Celtic Media Festival


Wil, Aeron a'r Inca

The world has become a smaller place, but if you travel far enough, you can still find people who live a life untouched by the modern world. People with an ancient culture, with traditions, a language and religion that have remained unchanged for centuries. Two hill shepherds from Bro Ddyfi travel 6,000 miles to the Andes of Peru to live and work with some of the most extreme mountain farmers of the world, the Inca Alpaca shepherds. The film documents their emotional journey as they come face to face with the harsh reality of life and struggles of these extraordinary people.

Douglas 2017
Wil, Aeron a'r Inca
Title in English
Wil, Aeron and The Inca
Entry Category
Factual Entertainment
Produced By
Cwmni Da/Hay
Amanda Harries
Directed By
Mei Williams