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Bennett Arron Worries About... Being Offensive

Bennett Arron worries about... everything... even this programme synopsis. In this episode, Bennett worries whether political correctness has gone too far. Or not far enough. Or is fine where it is. He also worries about sexism and whether taking part in a three-legged sports event is racist (that bit is not exactly true). Bennett’s main concern this week is why people get offended on behalf of others and why his ‘Pet Shop Sketch’ was banned in case it upset too many people. So whatever your gender, sexual preference, nationality, race or religion, this episode is for you. No offence.

Douglas 2017
Bennett Arron Worries About... Being Offensive
Entry Category
Radio Comedy
Produced By
Absolutely Productions
Gordon Kennedy
Directed By
Alan Nixon
Production Partners
Silly Papi
Bennett Arron
BBC Radio Wales