Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

Erwan Ropars, Hêrezh ar bazhvalan

Erwan Ropars was a great man, big and impressive. An extremely talented musician, a hardworking and demanding leader. Born in a family where life revolved around music and traditional singing, Erwan learned to play the flute, the bombarde and especially the bagpipes, his favourite one. He was very fond of traditional music and wrote many tunes inspired by Scottish music. He taught and groomed the next bagad pipers. Under his leadership, the Bagad Kemper won numerous trophies. Through moving testimonies, his family and friends paint the picture of a lively man gone too soon, Erwan Ropars, "The Big Blue".

Douglas 2017
Erwan Ropars, Hêrezh ar bazhvalan
Title in English
Erwan Ropars, a living legacy
Entry Category
Single Documentary
Produced By
France 3 Bretagne
Youenn CHAPALAIN and Thelo MELL
France 3 Bretagne