Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

Pili Palod Penygroes

The devil may wear Prada but so do the men of Penygroes. Bleddyn a 17 year old sixth former struggles with life and love but also with his deepest secret. He likes to wear women’s clothing… And to make matters worse, his soul mate “Anwen” has just caught him out… But all is not lost as this moment of personal horror is twisted when ‘Anwen’ reveals that she knows of a secret club run by her uncle that would suit a man like Bledd. Pili Palod Penygroes is a heart-warming comedy that shows us that it is O.K. to be different.

Douglas 2017
Pili Palod Penygroes
Title in English
Penygroes Butterfly Club
Entry Category
Short Drama (up to 30 mins)
Produced By
It's My Shout Ltd
It's My Shout
Directed By
Matthew Hackett
BBC Wales / S4C