Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

Colm O'Regan Wants a Word

In this 2 part series, Colm O’Regan - comedian and bestselling author - steers Irish radio listeners through a humorous look at how we have transformed our adoptive language and made it our own at work, at home and at play. Through monoloques, special guest interviews, vox pops and sketches, ‘Colm O’Regan Wants a Word’ picks apart the English language, all with the end goal of establishing what it is that has made Hiberno-English truly our own.

Douglas 2017
Colm O'Regan Wants a Word
Entry Category
Radio Comedy
Produced By
Sideline Productions
Billy McGrath
Directed By
Billy McGrath / Eoin Sweeney
Production Partners
Broadcast Authority of Ireland, grintageireland.com and RTE Radio 1
Colm O'Regan
RTE Radio 1