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Destino Santiago

The biggest transmedia and co-branding adventure made in Spain. The first entertainment experience in which two well-known Galician TV presenters walking the Saint James’ way as two unusual pilgrims from France. 40 days of non-stopping personal adventures shared online and via all TV Galicia´s channels to a wide and universal audience. Live streaming, reality and game show. Slow television for a long and unique journey: 870 kilometres, 42 day walking all the way to Santiago. A 100% transmedia project, including all the windows: the core in an IP TV channel and with total impact on TV, radio and digital social networks. Discovering the 5 main cathedrals, amazing villages, fantastic people, incredible food and surprising landscapes all over the way.

Llanelli 2018
Destino Santiago
Title in English
Destination Santiago
Entry Category
Kieran Hegarty Award for Innovation
Produced By
Star Planning S.L.U For Televisión De Galicia
Miguel Cacharrón
Directed By
Miguel Cacharrón
Paula Señarís
Televisión De Galicia