Celtic Media Festival 2018
2-4 May 2018 2-4 May 2018

The Shetland Reel

The goal of The Shetland Reel project is to safeguard an important part of Shetland’s intangible cultural heritage by engaging, informing and encouraging the audience to actively participate in dancing the Shetland Reel. Shetland is well known for its lively fiddle tradition with more than 300 traditional tunes, most of them reels, but the dance that goes with the reels is almost lost. The interactive video combines storytelling, “how-to” videos and resources in one interactive environment, giving the user control, for instance, in the how-to section the viewer can select which camera angle to watch from all in real time.

The Shetland Reel
Title in English
The Shetland Reel
Entry Category
Kieran Hegarty Award for Innovation
Produced By
an independent community project
Maurice Henderson and Liz Musser
Directed By
Liz Musser
Liz Musser
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