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RTÉ Prime Time - Carers in Crisis

Behind closed doors, almost 200,000 people dedicate their lives to caring for loved ones in Ireland. Carers provide over 6.5 million hours of care per week: on average, working almost the equivalent of a full 40-hour working week. But almost 9% provide full-time 24-hour unpaid care, with no real break at all. As part of a special extended programme RTÉ Prime Time travelled around Ireland to visit some of those carers and see the reality of their daily lives. We saw how relatively little spending, on respite or additional homecare, might ensure that carers could continue caring for their loved ones and how in other situations, residential places are needed to prevent a crisis turning into a tragedy.

Aviemore 2019
RTÉ Prime Time - Carers in Crisis
Entry Category
Current Affairs
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RTÉ News and Current Affairs
Sallyanne Godson
Directed By
Sallyanne Godson