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Galicia Bonita

"Beautiful Galicia" is an entertainment show inspired in other big formats, but in this case is a low cost one that has performed really well, becoming one of the highest rated shows of TV Galicia´s Prime time in the last season. In the series Rosa Facal, our architect, and her team, travel around Galicia looking for unfinished living places with the purpose of helping their owners to finish their work and manage to change the original picture into a new one. The challenge lies in the limited time and budget: a week period and a very tight amount of money to take on the works. Under such pressure, Rosa´s team faces many difficulties and several quite incredible situations that must be overcome. This is one of the key factors of the show that engages the audience until the very end: will the programme be able to finish the work on time? What will be the final result? Will the owners and neighbours be satisfied? In this episode, Rosa will visit the village where she was born, Santa Comba. She will come to help Fina and her daughters with a big concrete roof for their porch. The challenge involves a work of an unusual size that exceeds the regular refurbishing jobs taken by Rosa, but still she will accept the task because she doesn´t want to disappoint her neighbours. Fina´s excessive zeal to keep an eye in every single detail becomes a strong setback for the work´s development and the continuous pauses for lunch, coffees and beers will cause important delays that mean a great threat for the final delivery.

Galicia Bonita
Title in English
Beautiful Galicia
Entry Category
Factual Entertainment
Produced By
Televisión De Galicia and Lua Ideas y Estilo De Vida SL
Jose Maria Suarez, Emilia Neira, Isabel Garcia
Directed By
Carlos A. Quirós
Isabel Garcia
Televisión De Galicia