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Mar De Ardora - Shipwrecks Special

The programme approaches the world of shipwrecks using the location from which it is broadcasted as the lead to create an emotional and appealing story. In this programme we will discover the only Galician object found in the Titanic: a piece of the appreciated bobbin lace that departed from our coast. The local lighthouse was the last one seen by the vessel Josal right before its tragedy. Finally, a few meters from where the programme is broadcasted there is the place where 172 British men lost their lives: they were The Serpent´s sailors. The programmes focus on important local events to connect with universals stories occurred in different parts of the world. The programme is just a simple pretext to talk about emotions and universal feelings like love, fear, braveness, heroism and solidarity.

Mar De Ardora - Shipwrecks Special
Title in English
Milky Seas - Shipwrecks Special
Entry Category
Radio Documentary
Produced By
Radio Galega
Carmen Fernández
Directed By
Xusto López Carril
Xusto López Carril
Radio Galega