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AQUELANDO is scientific and technologic educational programme that is conceived as an entertainment show with a special interest in connecting with the younger audience from 6 to 16. Aquelando has chosen a dynamic narrative pace to attract the new generations´ attention. The programme has a quick rhythm, using attractive music and an appealing graphic design to make the lessons easy to follow and understandable for everyone. Aquelando wants to be a colourful and playful show combining exciting stories with more scientific contents. Its team is formed by a remarkable group of collaborators (professors, bloggers, youtubers, scientists, etc) Aquelando´s main objective is to connect with kids in school age and make them discover and participate in experiments and activities that will approach them to the secrets and wonders of the scientific researchers and investigators. For this purpose the programme chooses a different location in every episode in order to get interaction with local people, involving them in the production of the contents, so they actively participate and become part of the different experiments, tests and activities made in situ. The programme is a 30 minutes content that is structured in different thematic blocks that are self-contained and can be consumed individually. Aquelando uses also all the existing tools to promote their contents and to be closer to its audience: television, internet, social networks, and so on. This episode focuses on Newton's laws of motion and the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it. Entertainment would be the best way to show and describe how the whole theory works.

Title in English
Entry Category
Children's Programme
Produced By
Televisión De Galicia y Mirabella Comunicación Audvisual
Mara González
Directed By
Rcio González
Rocio González and Pepelu Viñas
Televisión De Galicia