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Fun O Canaval

Xavier Blanco is an expert in roots music and he will discover for us the enormous possibilities of Arundo Donax, the cane that grows in the Southern meridional European territory, as an appropriate material to build musical instruments to play and to promote our heritage. The documentary will show us a little bit of history: origins, main locations, the growing cycle of reed, how and when to collect them, and how to dry, select and cut them depending on which instruments we want to craft with this raw material. We will learn about the variety of instruments (percussion, cord, wind…) and we will discover the richness of our traditional music. Through the documentary we will verify the excellent quality of the Galician reed and why it has become a great business opportunity for the wind instruments market. And the originality of the programme comes from the musical performances that are staggered all over the documentary. Xavier Blanco will play several traditional themes using exclusively 100% cane-made instruments to show us how they sound.

Fun O Canaval
Title in English
I Went To The Reedbed
Entry Category
Single Documentary
Produced By
TelevisiĆ³n De Galicia y Casa Del Tolos
Borja Nande
Directed By
Segundo Grandio
Xavier Blanco
TelevisiĆ³n De Galicia