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Segredos - Desmontando Galicia

Alicia Burton and Diana Nogueira will go through different places of Galicia´s geography in order to dig deep in their roots, breaking up the ground, dismantling buildings, looking around impossible areas…The programme wants to show us Galicia from a unique perspective; from amazing points of view. Deconstructing Galicia wants to unveil the secrets of the biggest infrastructures and also the unknown mysteries of our natural and cultural heritage. Looking for entertainment rather than for the accumulation of data, the programme will use the latest digital technologies to attract viewers and to tell the story in a new narrative, so they learn while enjoying the images rendered by the newest visual tools. Integration and 3D techniques will help our audience to understand our land´s ways of life and their evolution with no temporal or spatial limits. In this episode, Lucus Augusti, Deconstructing Galicia discover the most ancient city of Galicia: Lugo, so called Lucus Auguti. Diana and Alicia will turn everything upside down: the wall, the thermal baths, the buildings and son on with a unique purpose: to discover the secrets that lay underneath the floor we walk on… In their visit to Lugo, Diana and Alicia will meet a local actress, Beatriz Seren, who will live an incredible ancient experience coming from the Roman times.

Segredos - Desmontando Galicia
Title in English
Secrets - Deconstruction Galicia
Entry Category
Produced By
Televisión De Galicia and MBC Audiovisuales
Marcos Barrios
Directed By
Marcos Barrios
Marcos Barrios y Alicia Burton
Televisión De Galicia