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A Bola Extra

It is a daily panel show that airs from Monday to Friday simultaneously in Radio and Television of Galicia. This comedy programme was first broadcasted in 2018 by Radio Galega and it has also jumped to Television of Galicia, recently in last October. Our radio journalists Kiko Novoa and Cristina Garcia together with our TV presenter, Loli Gómez and our comedian, Paco Lodeiro, bring up a polemic subject everyday encouraging audience to interact by telephone or Whatsapp sharing their points of view. This episode approaches all the aspects that house moving involves from a funny perspective.


A Bola Extra
Title in English
The Extra Ball
Entry Category
Radio Comedy
Produced By
Radio Galega
Nieves Gil
Directed By
Kiko Novoa
Kiko Novoa, Cristina García, Loli Gómez, Paco Lodeiro  
Radio Galega