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Un País En 360º - O Monasterio De San Pedro De Roca

"A country in 360º" uses technology to approach the natural and monumental Galician heritage to the viewers. This short piece, "San Pedro de Rocas´monastery" has been produced with a 360º camera equipment, 5,7 K. The camera is operated by the own host who holds in her hand an invisible stick to command it. The viewer can choose how to screen the piece, either diving into a virtual reality experience introducing a mobile phone in Cardboard glasses, or viewing the content in a touch screen, selecting with their own fingers where to look at. These pieces of immersive content (VR), are part a longer 50 minute TV programme recorded using conventional cameras and 360º cameras with different formats (2D or 3D) and resolutions (HD, 4K and 8K). Conceived to be published in our official YouTube account. This one, "San Pedro de Roca's Monastery" has been published last Saturday, October, 26th, and it is the first of many to follow. These pieces want to promote the use of new technologies displaying the main monuments and landscapes of our territory through virtual reality. NOTE: The VR piece will be found in our youtube channel: https://youtu.be/tdHOK9c2LZ4 But for a better understanding we provide a traditional video with subtitles and a clip to help you follow the content.

Un País En 360º - O Monasterio De San Pedro De Roca
Title in English
A Country In 360º. San Pedro De Roca's Monastery
Entry Category
Short Form
Produced By
Televisión De Galicia y Adivina Producciones
Susan Maceiras
Directed By
Jorge Algora
Jacobo Paz
Televisión De Galicia