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Gareth Thomas: HIV and Me

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas lifts the lid on living with HIV. In an emotional and hard-hitting documentary, he finally goes public about his condition and reveals how hiding the truth about his health left him feeling depressed and contemplating taking his own life. Now he is on a journey to change perceptions about HIV by raising awareness, fighting prejudice and taking on the biggest physical challenge of his career - running the world’s toughest Iron Man. With the help of family, friends, medical experts and others with HIV, he sets about tackling the stigmas, myths and misunderstandings surrounding the condition. Modern medicine may have made the virus treatable and non-transmittable, but old ideas about HIV still persist and Gareth is on a mission to smash the stereotypes and show that 'he has HIV and it’s OK'.

Gareth Thomas: HIV and Me
Title in English
Entry Category
Single Documentary
Produced By
Wales & Co Media Ltd
Sara Allen [Producer/Director]; Ian Durham [Executive Producer]
Directed By
Sara Allen [Producer/Director]; Jody Cusack [Director/Camera]
BBC Wales & BBC One