Celtic Media Festival


Lomax in Éírinn

Clannad’s Pól Brennan explores Texan song-collector Alan Lomax’s dream to save the music of the world and shows how that mission began in 1951 in Ireland. Lomax in Éirinn brings the viewer on a stunning journey as Pól follows Lomax’s life story through the Mississippi Delta, Washington, New York and along the west coast of Ireland. Lomax’s legacy is shown to be alive today with performances from Clannad, Steve Earle, Nell Ní Chróinín and Slow Moving Clouds. The result is a poetic and moving celebration of the value of traditional music not only in Ireland but throughout the world.

Aviemore 2019
Lomax in Éírinn
Title in English
Lomax in Ireland
Entry Category
Spirit of the Festival
Produced By
Aisling Productions Ltd
Declan McGrath
Directed By
Declan McGrath
Felim Mac Dermott