Getting There

Whether you choose to fly or sail to the Isle of Man you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to reach Manx shores.
With connections to numerous airports and five ferry ports in the UK and Ireland, the Isle of Man is easily accessible as a leisure destination - and closer than you think!

Travelling to the Isle of Man
Flying is the quickest and, for many, the most convenient way to get here. In recent years, the Island’s air connections have expanded, leading to greater choice for travellers. Isle of Man Airport is only 15 minutes’ drive from the capital, Douglas, with car hire, taxi and public transport services all at your immediate disposal.
Flights operate from airports all over the British Isles to the Isle of Man.  Flight details can be found here.

If you prefer to sail, choose between a ferry or fastcraft crossing with the Isle of Man Steam Packet.  Ferry services operate from five ports to Douglas - Heysham, Liverpool (Birkenhead during the winter season), Belfast and Dublin.

For more information and assistance with travel and accomodation from Visit Isle of Man click here.

By Air


Tuesday 2nd May – 08:15, 12:10 or 19:00
Wednesday 3rd May – 08:15, 12:10 or 19:00
Thursday 4th May – 08:50, 15:40 or 19:40

Tuesday 2nd May – 08:55 and 16:45
Wednesday 3rd May – 08:55 and 16:45
Thursday 4th May – 08:55 and 16:45

Tuesday 2nd May – 09:15 and 17:45
Wednesday 3rd May – 09:00 and 18:30
Thursday 4th May – 09:15 and 18:30

Tuesday 2nd May – 09:10 and 18:40
Wednesday 3rd May – 09:10 and  18:40
Thursday 4th May – 09:10 and 18:40

London City
Tuesday 2nd May – 08:45, 14:50 and 18:40
Wednesday 3rd May – 08:45, 14:50 and 18:40
Thursday 4th May – 08:45, 14:50 and 18:40

London Gatwick
Tuesday 2nd May – 08:05 and 19:15
Wednesday 3rd May – 08:05 and 19:15
Thursday 4th May – 08:05 and 19:15


Saturday 6th May – 10:10 and 16:00

Saturday 6th May – 10:05

Saturday 6th May – 09:15 and 14:15

Saturday 6th May – 09:00

London City
Saturday 6th May – 09:55

London Gatwick
Saturday 6th May – 12:00

* Free Parking is available at Gloucester Airport.
** Please note that the flights from Glasgow are only 19 seater planes and already have limited availability. Please book as soon as possible.

By Sea

Belfast – Isle of Man: Wednesday 3rd May – 13:30
Isle of Man – Belfast: Sunday 7th May – 07:00


* Please contact for more information