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Galicia Por Diante

It is a daily hot news radio programme that combines live connections with the main Galicia´s cities to grasp the beat of the day in each of them: news, culture, humour. This programme goes from 09:30 a.m. till 13:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The programme starts every day with a round up greeting to get the news on traffic and weather. Then, Kiko Novoa, the host, unveils a short cut of audio of the interviewee that will come later on, and welcomes Deborah Garcia, our expert in science. The co-presenter, Cristina Garcia joins them and sums up the central topics of the programme. Mari Pereira will introduce the highlights of the news of the day and Xusto Lopez Carril will bring in the polemic for the noon debate. The programme´s final part section includes the millennial section with Victor Currás, a connection with Radio Galega Music to inform about their programming and the cultural agenda with Isabel Pichel.

Galicia Por Diante
Title in English
Entry Category
Radio Magazine Show
Produced By
Radio Galega
Cristina García, Xusto López Carril, Mari Pereira, Víctor Pérez Currás, Ricardo Alonso, Isabel Pichel, Mar Novás, Mercedes Prado, Pilar Abraldes, Ruth Lodeiro, Miguel Piñeiro, Susana Ares, Xabier Facal, Isidro Cea
Directed By
Kiko Nova
Radio Galega