Aviemore 2019

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Videos from the Festival.

Wednesday Awards
The Storytellers
BAFTA Scotland / BAFTA CYMRU Conversations with Screenwriter: Jed Mercurio
Keynote Speech - Ken MacQuarrie
Wednesday Awards
Friday Afternoon Awards
Thursday Awards
Llanelli 2018 - Friday Evening Awards
Llanelli 2018 - Friday Awards
Llanelli 2018 - Thursday Awards
Llanelli 2018 - Wednesday Awards
Friday Afternoon Awards
Aviemore 2019 - Tuesday Torc Awards
Douglas 2017 - Wednesday Awards
Format for Success
Here Come the Girls
Douglas 2017 - Thursday Awards
Aviemore 2019 - Wednesday Torc Awards
Sports, Subtitles and Country Music
Douglas 2017 - Friday Afternoon Awards
Aviemore 2019 - Thursday Afternoon Torc Awards
Keynote Speech - Ron Jones
Online Uprising: The Rise of New Media and Threat to the Mainstream
Aviemore 2019 - Thursday Gala Torc Awards
Douglas 2017 - Friday Evening Awards
Does Size Matter?
Masterclass: The Art of the Documentary
Aviemore 2019 - BAFTA Scotland Presents: Access, Ethics and Documenting the Truth
Wednesday Awards
Final Awards Evening - Friday
Dee Forbes - Keynote Speech
Get Your Facts Straight
Aviemore 2019 - TV Loyalty
End of an Era – The Future of In-house Production and Challenges for the Small Indies
What's for Brexit?
Michael Russell - Keynote Speech
Aviemore 2019 - Transatlantic Productions
1916 As Seen on TV
Aviemore 2019 - TIDE with CMF
Aviemore 2019 - New Man; New Media
Short Form And Online Content – The New Normal
#OITNB - Online is the new Broadcast
Aviemore 2019 - Shaping Young Minds with the BF
RTS Cymru Wales Presents: Un Bore Mercher/Keeping Faith – A Tale in Two Languages
Small Nations - Big Drama
How do I?
Won’t Someone Think of the Children?
Naturally Brilliant
Formatting for Greatness