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Close to Evil

An RTÉ Radio interview marking Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2012 is the catalyst for a remarkable journey. Holocaust survivor Tomi discovers one of his former jailers - Hilde Lisiewicz is alive and living in Hamburg. Lisiewicz is a convicted War Criminal. She claims she is “a victim of victor's justice”. Tomi embarks on a quest to investigate the SS woman's claims of innocence. Unexpectedly Tomi's odyssey ends where his story began, back in his native Merasice, meeting the ghosts from the past and embracing a German woman directly related to the man who played a central role in the liquidation of Tomi's family.

Inverness 2015
Close to Evil
Title in English
Entry Category
Factual Single
Produced By
Praxis Pictures
Gerry Gregg
Directed By
Gerry Gregg
Production Partners
Tomi Reichental and Gerry Gregg