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Un Bore Mercher

Wife, mother of three young children and partner in a small family-owned law firm, Faith Howells has a happy-ever-after existence in a quiet town on the beautiful coast of west Wales. One morning Faith’s life is turned upside down when her husband, Evan, leaves for work and never arrives. Then she begins to discover that he took many untold secrets with him. Faith’s search for Evan takes her into ever darker realms as she confronts the fact that there is something that can be called truly evil and accepts the possibility that it has claimed the man she loves.

Aviemore 2019
Un Bore Mercher
Title in English
Keeping Faith
Entry Category
Drama Series
Produced By
Vox Pictures
Pip Broughton / Nora Ostler
Directed By
Andy Newbury / Pip Broughton
Production Partners
BBC Wales
Matthew Hall