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Can't Cope Won't Cope

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Series 2 sees Aisling and Danielle struggling with the new normality of being apart. We meet Aisling after she’s had her soul sucked out of her by small town Mallow for an entire summer. She has a job in a local financial establishment, but in typical Aisling style she throws in the towel at the first signs of trouble. Meanwhile in Vancouver, Danielle is struggling despite having her wish for more art and less Aisling come true. There is no-one at her side to roll her eyes at when the super politically correct art school culture in Vancouver starts grating on her. Series 2 gives Aisling and Danielle the chance to make all the right choices… but where's the fun in that?

Episode 5: back to backwards  Aisling and Ryan get to take things further when away in London. But the new Aisling soon disappears once Danielle is back in town. Coppers on a work night ends messily witnessed by an unimpressed Joe.  Hungover, Aisling falls out with Ryan when she realises she’s not getting Dee’s job but there is worse to come at work.  The morning after pill is needed - but not for Aisling this time.    Episode 5 logline: Things hot up between Aisling and Ryan but then Danielle comes home and work life is not so rosy for Aisling after all. 

Aviemore 2019
Can't Cope Won't Cope
Entry Category
Drama Series
Produced By
Deadpan Pictures
Ailish McElmeel
Directed By
Imogen Murphy
Stefanie Preissner
RTE 2 (TV)