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A Perforated Ulster

A Perforated Ulster is a satirical sketch show written and performed by the Hole In the Wall Gang - Northern Ireland's longest running comedy group. Each show is recorded in front of a studio audience and is written up until the day of recording, so the material is as fresh and current as possible. The 'hosts' of the show are two of The Gang's well-known characters from their successful TV programme "Give My Head Piece". No one in the public eye who made the headlines during the week is safe from their acerbic wit. The show is brave and the writers are not afraid to go close to the bone with their satirical commentaries. Northern Ireland's news and politicians feature predominantly but with current Brexit and world events Boris Johnston and Donald Trump often make an appearance!

Celtic Media Festival 2020
A Perforated Ulster
Title in English
Entry Category
Radio Comedy
Produced By
Hole In The Wall Productions
Paul Evans
McGarry, Quinn & McDowell
BBC Radio Ulster