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Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience - Care Worker

Rhod becomes a care worker in one of his toughest ‘Work Experience’ challenges yet. It is an emotional journey, but as Rhod gets to know those he’s caring for there’s plenty of laughs along the way. His intense care shift sees him nearly drowned by an octogenarian in a swimming pool, upstaged for bawdy humour by a poet with Parkinson’s, and daunted by the task of intimate personal care. But Rhod’s unorthodox care plan takes centre stage when he organises a talent show in a nursing home, and by the end there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Celtic Media Festival 2021
Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience - Care Worker
Entry Category
Factual Entertainment
Produced By
Zipline Media Limited / Parasol Media Limited
Sara Allen / Nathan Mackintosh
Directed By
Nathan Mackintosh
Rhod Gilbert
BBC Wales / BBC One Wales