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Our Story 'The Embalmers'

Death is a daily occurrence for Kelly and Jen, embalmers in one of Glasgow's busiest funeral services. Since the pandemic hit, they've been working non-stop, but the enthusiasm and passion for their job has never once wavered. Narrated by Nalini Chetty, 'The Embalmers' takes a peek into the oft hidden world of embalming bodies with no holds barred. From straightforward open-casket cases to complicated post-mortems, there is nothing Kelly and Jen haven't seen or taken in their stride in their continued quest to give the deceased back their dignity.

Our Story 'The Embalmers'
Title in English
Our Story 'The Embalmers
Entry Category
Radio Documentary
Produced By
BBC Scotland Productions
Anna Miles
Directed By
Elizabeth Clark Senior Producer
Production Partners
Nalini Chetty / Anna Miles
BBC Radio Scotland