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TikTok Dráma - Na Debs

Gillian is the only girl in her class with no date to the debs. She's given up all hope, until her brother's friend Séamus comes around! In a desperate attempt to impress him, she invites him to see her band play in the local hall. There's only one problem – she doesn't have a band. A series of short, comical episodes where we follow Gillian as she gets caught up in a web of white lies trying to charm the boy of her dreams.

TikTok Dráma - Na Debs
Title in English
TikTok Drama - The Debs
Entry Category
Short Form
Produced By
Fíbín Media
Darach Ó Tuairisg
Directed By
Philip Doherty
Production Partners
Cruinniú na nÓg
Philip Doherty