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Killing Escobar

This feature-length documentary tells the incredible true story of Scottish mercenary Peter McAleese, who was hired to kill the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in 1989. With unprecedented access to Peter and other members of his team, this is the first full account of that fateful mission and the dark consequences for those involved. With full access to McAleese’s personal archive, as well as never before seen amateur footage of the operation, Killing Escobar weaves this material alongside dramatic reconstruction and interviews from McAleese and his fellow mercenaries. The film also hears from one of Pablo Escobar’s bodyguards, members of America’s Drug Enforcement Agency as well as the Security Chief of the Colombian Drug Cartel that wanted Escobar eliminated.

Killing Escobar
Entry Category
Feature Documentary (over 60 mins)
Produced By
Two Rivers Media
Alan Clements, Mick McAvoy, David Whitney, Nick Taussig
Directed By
David Whitney
Production Partners
Salon Pictures
BBC Scotland