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Sportsound Meets Carl Frampton

It’s rare to be afforded the indulgence of speaking to one of your sporting heroes for an entire hour. To relax with them and delve into their experiences, thoughts and feelings. Each week during the summer Sportsound Meets one of ten diverse individuals who’ve given their all to their chosen sport; Dr John Carlos speaks of racism before and after his silent protest at the 1968 Olympics. Ann and Angela Downey on the lack of equality they faced. Vera Pauw champions gender neutral football training. Story-telling at it’s best, we discover what drives the champions we think we already know.

Carl Frampton is one of Ireland’s greatest ever boxers.

The 2 weight World Champion,  who hung up his gloves earlier this year, didn’t just make an impact inside the ring. For his fanatical following, he was a working class hero who became a global star. From humble beginnings in Tigers Bay, the Belfast fighter topped the bill in the likes of Las Vegas, New York and of course his own city. He broke down religious barriers and united communities in the process.

In one of his first in-depth interviews since retiring, he gives an insight into an unforgettable career.

Sportsound Meets Carl Frampton
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