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O Gran Camiño

Documentary narrated in first person by Alba and Raúl, a couple of young Spanish filmmakers who decide to load their cameras in their backpacks to embark on an adventure of thousands of kilometres along the great walking routes of the world. The Pacific Crest Trail, one of the most extreme trails in the US, the mysterious Inca Trail to MachuPicchu, the ancestral Kumano Kodo route between great Japanese temples, or the European Camino de Santiago, are nothing more than an excuse for a trip deeper to the encounter of the people of the roads, with which universal themes such as borders,love and sacrifice for the family, social conflicts, spirituality, the care of our planet and the connection with Pachamama are discussed, or the return to oneself. "The Great Way" is a documentary that travels the world´s greatest hiking routes to find stories that reveal the reasons for the walking nature of the human being. A round-the-world trip through the people on the trails, that connects us to earth and takes us back to our roots. Paths connect civilizations and cultures, but are divided by borders. What a paradox. The Great Way is a journey through the walking trails of the world in the search of answers, through the stories of people who are part of them. There are natural, cultural or spiritual routes, but whatever the reason to walk is, it involves being fully present and part of the environment, and nature doesn´t understand borders or social rules. We meet not only the hikers, but also the locals whose destiny is bounded to the trails. We are witnesses of injustice and social issues and discover that the answer to why we walk may also be able to tell us where we want to go as a society. The ultimate "Great Way" would be the path of life, a journey that all of us take and, ultimately, the most important of all the routes. The documentary intends to find the walking essence of the human being, to share the challenge of walking a trail and also the undergone learning within it.

O Gran Camiño
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Feature Documentary (over 60 mins)
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MeteóricaCine in collaboration with Television de Galicia
RaúlGarcía (MeteóricaCine)
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