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Marcial Mouzo - Radio Galega

Presenter's career Marcial Mouzo was born in 1961 in the fishing town of Camariñas, on the Costa da Morte. He began his career in the communication field in the Radio Galega, the radio station where he works since 1985. He has been the director and presenter for the last 25 years of the show Pensando en Ti, broadcast from Monday to Friday from 01:00 to 06:00 early in the morning. He has also directed the music programmes Grandes Orquestras, Música da terra or A Gramola, the magazine programme De troula on Saturday afternoons and also the early morning programmes Bo día, Galicia, Alborada and Connosco. He has received recognition and numerous tributes from artists and listeners on several occasions. In 1992 he received the Galicia Hoxe Award from Radio Colonia, the station broadcasting for the Galician community in Argentina and Uruguay. Marcial Mouzo faces the microphone every morning to chat with thousands of Galicians. Night shift workers, insomniacs or people escaping from solitude... they all find the company they need in the show Pensando en Ti (which means "thinking of you"). Every night, dozens of people engage by phone or via WhatsApp voice messages. Sometimes, more than 200. The relaxed tone of the show allows the listeners to share personal experiences and their opinion about topics proposed by Marcial Mouzo or by the audience themselves. Show's history Pensando en Ti is a meeting point for more than 50,000 people every night, a permanent discussion forum and a public service which goes beyond informing and entertaining: it keeps company to the audience. The show also addresses current events and the listeners end up becoming improvised correspondents themselves when any event happens on their area at night. The best examples are the nights when there are traffic or maritime accidents, as well as earthquakes or weather events, since the audience becomes a direct witness who reports to Radio Galega what has happened. This is a type of citizen journalism. Marcial Mouzo directs and presents Pensando en Ti since 1996 and it is the most-listened-to radio programme in its time slot. The EGM (an audience measurement system in Spain) noted the strengthening of its leadership in the 20-21 season, achieving its highest ratings ever. Specifically, almost nine out of ten Galicians who listen to the radio in the early morning tune in to Pensando en Ti on Radio Galega. The show directed and presented by Marcial Mouzo won in 2003 the Galicia Award in the communication category given by the Xunta de Galicia, since, according to them, the programme became a social phenomenon through the promotion of audience participation. Moreover, the show arranges every year a meeting with the audience in the biggest trade fair centre in Galicia, only interrupted due to the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This event brings together thousands of people each year, reaching 15,000 attendants on occasion. The programme has been broadcast from different parts of the world throughout its history. Specifically, those places where there are large colonies of Galician emigrants: Switzerland, Cuba and other countries in Latin America. Innovation The programme Pensando en Ti became a transmedia project in 2019. The studio where the show is recorded, in the central facilities of the Corporación Radio Televisión de Galicia, has television cameras that allow to broadcast it every morning through the second channel of Televisión de Galicia. Similarly, Radio Galega broadcasts this show every night through its website and mobile app in two different ways: just audio through the public broadcaster's live channel and, besides, through a full audiovisual broadcasting.

Marcial Mouzo - Radio Galega
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