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My Tribe - Mo Threibh

My Tribe – Mo Threibh (Series 2) charts the rise, fall and revival of music subcultures in Ireland. With narration by Peter Coonan, we take the viewer behind the sensationalist newspaper headlines to discover the real Hip Hop crews, Indie kids, Ravers and Metallers and the passion, dedication and sense of belonging that their tribe gives them. This bilingual series delves into the archives to reveal the fascinating origins of these subcultures while also meeting the modern-day members of these tribes. These worlds are rarely seen on Irish television. We lift the lid on the underground scenes of these fascinating subcultures.

My Tribe - Mo Threibh
Title in English
My Tribe (Series 2)
Entry Category
Factual Entertainment
Produced By
Mind the Gap Films
Jennifer Healy
Directed By
Conor O'Mahony