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Redanserons nous la gavotte ?

The gavotte (traditional Breton dance) is the symbol of all that we have been unable to do for almost cOVID 19 epidemic : meet in a room to dance, hold hands and form the round, carried away in the dance by the song and music. Dancers, singers and musicians are impatiently awaiting the resumption of the festoù-noz. While waiting for that day, they question themselves, wonder, express their lacks, their doubts, their hopes.

Redanserons nous la gavotte ?
Title in English
Will we re-dance the gavotte?
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Single Documentary
Produced By
Carrément à l'Ouest
Carrément à l'Ouest, Pascale Boisseau
Directed By
Philippe Guilloux
Production Partners
TVR, Tébéo, TébéSud
Philippe Guilloux
TVR, Tébéo, TébéSud