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Danns' a' Rathaid

‘Road Dance’ is one of four short new Gàidhlig radio dramas from the series ‘Rudeigin Ri Ràdh / Something to Say’ commissioned and produced by Theatre Gu Leòr in partnership with BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, during lockdown - more info: ‘Road Dance’ A tale of two islanders in the smog of 1950s London. Anna is a young dancer training to make it in the harsh world of classical ballet. She lives alone in a bedsit and rarely talks to anyone. When an accident threatens to crush her dreams, an unexpected friend draws her back from the edge.

Danns' a' Rathaid
Title in English
Road Dance
Entry Category
Radio Drama
Produced By
Theatre Gu Leòr
Annella NicLeòid
Directed By
Muireann Kelly
Production Partners
BBC Radio nan Gàidheal
Elspeth Turner
BBC Radio nan Gàidheal