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No Love Lost by Dylan Tighe

No Love Lost, Written and Directed by Dylan Tighe No Love Lost is inspired by the film 'Fear Eats The Soul' by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1974), and explores anti-Traveller racism through the prism of a love story between a young Traveller man and an older woman from Dublin 4. The source material - a melodrama exploring the racism experienced by a young immigrant during his relationship with an older German woman - provides the basic references of plot which have been re-imagined to a new context of contemporary Ireland. In this new version an older middle-class woman from Sandymount, Maria, begins an affair with Eddie, a young Traveller builder, who she meets in a Ringsend pub. Eddie and Maria come up against the racism and prejudice of her Sandymount neighbours, and Maria's family, as they both look to companionship to evade loneliness. The play explores local and universal themes: cultural difference and prejudice, the effect of racism on self-esteem and masculinity, the sociological and inter-generational dimensions of love. No Love Lost is a co-production between Drama On One and Dylan Tighe and was supported with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland. NO LOVE LOST - Production Credits. Writer/Director: Dylan Tighe Cast: Thomas Collins (Eddie) Gina Moxley (Maria) Lauren Larkin (Louise) Ingrid Craigie (Valerie) Rachel Dowling (Joan) Dylan Tighe (Eoin) Hannah Mamalis (Una) Gerard Lee (Peter) Alain Servant (The Waiter) Tadhg Murphy (Aaron) Shadaan Felfeli (Garda) Pom Boyd (Sheila) Tony Tormey (Man in the Bar) Niamh McCann (The Doctor) Assistant Director: Grace Morgan Contributing Writer: Rosaleen McDonagh Original Score: Si Schroeder Sound Design: Ciarán Cullen and Dylan Tighe Sound Supervision: Ciarán Cullen Stage Manager: Clare Howe Project Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk Producer for RTÉ: Kevin Brew Series Producer, Drama On One: Kevin Reynolds.

No Love Lost by Dylan Tighe
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No Love Lost
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Radio Drama
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RTÉ Drama On One with Dylan Tighe
Kevin Brew
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Dylan Tighe
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Dylan Tighe
Dylan Tighe
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