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The Fishermen's Lodges

Shore Shelter, The Rose, The Shamrock, The One and All and The Bay View - places of mystery and the passing of time, these old fashioned lodges are unique to St. Ives. Built on the harbour front at the turn of the twentieth century, only three lodges now remain. A coal fired stove sits in the centre surrounded by old photos of historic boats and fishermen gone by. Used as social 'clubs' for fishermen to meet, today they are on the brink of disappearing yet within them old St. Ives still exists while tourists and trade rush by all around them. Shot over lockdown 2020, this poetic short film layers the moving passages of time and storytelling using newly shot Super 8 and 16mm film, contemporary digital interviews, Cornish dialect and specially composed soundscape weaving audio archive and the evocative poetry of St. Ives' John T. Barber. What does the ebb and flow of the sea bring as the indigenous community of St. Ives fade away?

The Fishermen's Lodges
Entry Category
Short Form
Produced By
Barbara Santi
Barbara Santi
Directed By
Barbara Santi
Production Partners
Awen Productions, St. Ives Archive
Screening at St Ives Sept Fest and online