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Carry Me Home - A Ferry Tale

Carry Me Home – A Ferry Tale is a journey of loss and acceptance. Having found what she is looking for, Mairi is taking the last ferry home. A community folds their arms around her in a new short film scripted by Seth Hardwick and Viv Gee. Filmed on a CalMac ferry in the West of Scotland, featuring the stirring, authentic music of Scottish folk singer Josie Duncan, the film follows a return journey home to the islands, reflecting the warm, welcoming heart of Scotland’s coastal communities. Hopeful and uplifting, it ebbs and flows through loss, understanding and acceptance.

Carry Me Home - A Ferry Tale
Entry Category
Short Drama (up to 30 mins)
Produced By
National Theatre of Scotland
Ailie Crerar
Directed By
Seth Hardwick
Seth Hardwick and Viv Gee