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Trusadh - Afro-Gàidheil

Singer Cass Ezeji takes a journey to meet Gaelic speakers of African heritage. As a young woman with roots in Nigeria and Scotland, she felt disconnected from the Gaelic community growing up. Though she speaks the language fluently, she’s never been sure of her identity within the Gaelic world. Cass will give a personal insight into her life as she tries to find her place in a culture where she rarely sees herself represented. Difficult questions will be raised as racism continues to impact to this day. Cass will examine just what it means to be part of the Gaelic community?

Trusadh - Afro-Gàidheil
Title in English
Trusadh - Afro-Gaels
Entry Category
Spirit of the Festival
Produced By
Padruig MacCuinn
Directed By
Catriona L. Chaimbeul
BBC Alba